Together towards the digitization of the accounting process!

Yes, We Scan!

Your customers scan all their documents which arrive automatically in your accounting software, ready to be managed. And, thanks to our recognition service, you encode your documents in an instant! Up to now, ADIBOX is compatible with WINBOOKS, SAGE BOB, Allegro, Expert/M, Illico Soft et ADIX. Other software will be available soon.


Much more than just scanning!
Allow your customers to scan all their documents. We send back them in your accounting software with a semi-automatic encoding (identifiers, amounts, dates, document number, etc...)


ADIBOX is constantly evolving through close collaboration with its partners. Come back soon for innovative new solutions for your digital trustee.

ADIBOX solutions

ADIBOX allows you to concentrate on the core of your business: to advise and guide your clients! Thanks to ADIBOX, you can digitize and automate the exchanges with your customers, thus saving time and money.

The ADISCAN process

1) The transfer of documents

Your customers can use a Demat'Box ® scanner and/or transmit their documents using the "Drag & Drop" module available on our website. These are fast solutions, easy to handle and available to everyone.

Plug & Play

2) The recognition of documents

ADIBOX has developed an innovative tool to retrieve all information from an invoice or a credit note (document number, date, amount, issuer, recipient, etc.)

Innovative and highly effective!

3) Getting the documents back

Thanks to the powerful character recognition implemented by ADIBOX, your documents are encoded three times faster. Find all your documents to validate in the permanent file of your clients.

A control, a click and the document is encoded!

Our Prices



Prices excluding VAT applicable to accountants, trustees and resellers accredited by ADIBOX SA.

Monthly rental of a scanner


Provision of a scanner at home and/or at your customers' offices
Operating in Plug & Play mode

By scanned document


Save time when encoding and avoid traveling!
Available 24/7 via Internet

By handwritten document


Automatic transmission of document data even for those that are handwritten
For all types and formats!

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